GRAV CMS websites

We are privileged to be called the first company that successfully creates commercial solutions in the GRAV CMS system – an innovative platform awarded in 2016 for the best open source CMS. Below we will point out several reasons why we consider GRAV to be the no. 1 choice for a simple and fast-loading page.

GRAV-style speed

GRAV CMS system has a file-based structure. It does not have a database – making it a perfect solution for smaller websites that require incredible speed, especially since Google favors fast-loading web pages. Grav seems to be unrivaled among open source CMS systems. A website created with this system can be loaded within little more than half a second. Also a „for smaller websites” limitation should be taken with a grain of salt – this restriction means GRAV can support „only” 500 subpages.


GRAV implementations

Due to its open structure and admin panel implementation, GRAV can be applied in various realizations, among others:

  • simple informational websites,
  • product pages,
  • portfolio websites,
  • blogs,
  • business card websites,
  • registration or eCommerce websites.

GRAV supports automatic file compression and minimization, inbuilt caching system and many other functions.
It is by far our favorite environment for creating state-of-the-art personalized websites. Some of our realizations are living examples of the system’s flexibility:
Agnieszka Dajlidzionek Studio
Hanna Okońska Website