Logo development

Logotype of a brand is the most important element in visual identification of a product or a company. A well-created logo is like a well-created banner – easy to remember, minimalist and conveying a clear message.


Logo development is a frequent subject while developing a website. It is worthwhile to obtain a professional graphic sign that will become an essential part of a company’s visual identification. We offer logo development service that will satisfy our client’s specific needs.


Logo – the first step

Początkiem procesu projektowego jest wywiad z Klientem. Zadajemy pytania, które naprowadzają nas na kierunek rozwoju znaku, staramy się poznać potrzeby i oczekiwania. Następnie przechodzimy do szkicowania i przenosimy pomysły na papier, aby wybrać najlepsze propozycje znaku przedstawionego Klientowi. Po wyborze jednej z wersji logo, dopracowujemy projekt. Tak stworzone logo charakteryzuje wysoka jakość i spójność z tożsamością marki. Istnieje także możliwość zaprojektowania Księgi Znaku, która zawiera praktyczne informacje na temat stworzonego znaku. Księga znaku jest wzorcowym dokumentem do używania logotypu w sieci, druku i innych, niestandardowych nośnikach.

The beginning of the process is a client interview. We ask questions that will direct a course of the sign development by familiarizing ourselves with the client’s needs and expectations. The second step is initial drawing and putting ideas on paper in order to choose the best version of the sign to be proposed. After a version of the logo has been chosen, the project is being perfected. The logo created this way is of great quality and consistent with the brand identity. There is also a possibility of developing a Brand Book that contains practical information on the sign created. A Brand Book is a model/standard document for using the logotype on the web, in print and/or using other mediums.

What makes a good logo?

There seem to be many answers to the question, however, we will try to share our perspective on what a successful sign is. Just like any other visual message a logo design relies on first impression and its success is based largely on whether it is eye-catching or not. A design should be visually attractive, well composed, with carefully chosen fonts and colors. It should aptly communicate a core brand idea, company activity or convey some of their key values, such as modernity, tradition or solidity. A good sign should look excellent both in color and achromatic color scheme. It should also be legible both in large and small format. Although there are many logo designs developed every day, your sign should be as unique and original as possible.

An investment any solid logo design obviously is, will greatly determine how the company is perceived by its clients. And it is universally known that a good company image contributes to its success.

~Agnieszka Dajlidzionek Studio