Professional photography/videos

It has been sometimes pointed out that consumers „buy with their eyes”. In many cases this is definitely true. If there is a choice between something hideous and something beautiful – the choice is obviously the latter. To provide you with full service experience we include complete media package. We collaborate with an outstanding photographer who can deliver a professional video, head shot/business session and other services you might require.Below you can find the details on the service we provide.

Initial planning stage

In order to keep vision consistency of the photo session and the final website design the photographer has to be aware of the site’s set tone. Once the graphic design project has been completed the task is much easier, since the photographer can literally see where their work will be placed, resulting in a session or a video complementary to the final design. There are elements that require pre-planning, like the place of the photo shoot, clothes and stylization of the people on the set, potential unfavorable weather conditions (mist, bright sunlight) and others. Every project requires individual approach.

Usługa fotografia

Session preparation

Having set the date and the place of the shoot, our photographer will present their vision for the session. The duration of the shoot depends on its type and the volume of photos/videos required. We enable professional drone shots that will additionally supplement your page content with picturesque views tailored to your needs.

If you are interested – reach out. We will gladly set a meeting to specify the details.