We create personalized templates for phpBB forums. The creation process includes analysis of a company’s visual identity and creating matching forum template idea. We always make sure that the created style matches the company’s character and refine all, even the most nested, layouts. Moreover, we employ original solutions that will enable future template adaptation.

phpBB – a short outline

phpBB was created almost 20 years ago, in the age of internet communities boom, when discussion forums were emerging in large numbers. phpBB has been the largest free script of that kind. It has over 60 language versions, continuous community support, excellent source code quality and regular updates. Someone might posit that in the Facebook age there is no place for an old-school discussion forum, however, they would be wrong. phpBB forums are still utilized commercially for closed (but not only) communities, still valued for their high security standards and user privacy


PhpBB – the challenge

Anyone having ever worked with phpBB templates in version 3.x knows how extended they are. Just to mention – phpBB style has over 100 different layouts by initial count only. Creating a template in such a system is quite the challenge. In our team there are members who have been working with phpBB for over a decade.

Individualism is our second name

We offer individual approach in our search for the most optimal solution. Regardless whether it is about the basic styling of a default "prosilver" template or creating a template with addons from scratch – our team is ready for the challenge.

When you contact us we can present our realizations, examples and propose appropriate solution, based on your individual needs and expectations.