Website design

On the Internet first impression is what counts. A website is actually a continuation of your business or image – the only difference being that a potential customer enters your web page and not your office. Your modus operandi remains the same as in physical service you would provide in direct contact. A customer might visit in order to „look through” your offer or might enter with a specific purchase in mind. In both cases it is important to show the customer around and direct them to the information they are looking for. Laying out the content is something best contracted to us, experts in the field.

Graphic design

Before a page is presented on the web, it undergoes different stages of development. Following a client sharing their expectations and their vision, there is wireframing, i.e. designing main page layout, sections and structure choice. If a client has their own visual identification already, it is essential for the page to be consistent and convey the brand strategy and the brand idea. However, if this is not the case and the client does not have a logo and/or identification, we offer trademark development services.

Projektowanie stron

Fonts and colors

Another stage would be choosing color and fonts to be applied. The project can utilize photographs provided either by the client or commercial stock images we have access to. For demanding clients we offer personalized photo and video services.

Project acceptance

The finished project is sent to receive a client’s acceptance. We would like to point out that all our websites are fully responsive, which means they are fully adapted to mobile use (smartphones, tablets, etc.) After receiving a client’s feedback we implement potential changes so as to meet all of our client’s expectations. The final step is implementation of the accepted project and turning over the access data.

~Agnieszka Dajlidzionek Studio