Wordpress / Joomla templates

We create our own, personalized templates in popular programming environments of Wordpress and Joomla. We know how to optimize any of the systems so as to achieve maximal speed with the use of minimal source code volume. It is not only about the effect but also about the efficiency. All our websites are built in the super fast Grav environment.

About Wordpress and Joomla systems

Both environments are user-friendly, intuitive and they give extensive capabilities from admin panel. Wordpress stands out with its large plugin library (both free and commercial) that can be easily installed and personalized. Both interfaces allow for daily updates of the basic content without any specialized programming knowledge. The above solutions are appropriate for creating simple websites, not requiring unique features. However, sites targeted at mass audience might prove problematic. In order for the engine to withstand the load of an increased traffic there might arise a need for a dedicated, specialized server.

Szablony WP

Which solution would be best for me?

There are no ideal, universal solutions, only those suitable to a project’s needs. We are convinced that in order to function properly it is not necessary for a website to be extended with considerable number of addons. The solutions we offer are simple, functional and have fewer source code lines than in the case of using external plugins and addons, which in turn speeds up and stabilizes a website. Both systems come with admin panels, which gives the user full control over adding new content.