WordPress Website Maintenance Services

Have you ever heard of something like WordPress website maintenance services? Imagine this scenario. You run a company on the internet, a store, anything. A website is your only way to connect with your potential customers. Sometimes, the only source of income . You don't have anyone who looks after the website maintenance. After launching the website, everything works for several months. What happens next?

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It's getting worse

One morning, you discovered that your website has been banned by Google. Each of your potential customers will get a message on a red background claiming, that the website is infected with malicious software. Then you're going to realize, that part of your emails doesn't reach the recipient at all, and if it does, it goes to the spam folder. There is more. Your clients are starting to inform you that you are sending a malicious attachments or that they are getting strange emails from your account. You still don't do anything .. because you don't really know what to do.
After a few months, your domain and your server will be blacklisted. Then you really have a big problem. Anti-viruses will block your website. No one will be able to see it and you will not be able to email anyone from your address book. Sounds terrible? Yes, because it is terrible. What we described here is a very common scenario which happens when you don't do any maintenance works on your website.
These kinds of failures are also common for WordPress content management system which is one of the most popular website builders available worldwide.

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What is WordPress? Is this what my website is built on?

WordPress is a superb content management system for easy websites building . However, it has pros and cons. Pros, it's popular and it's very easy to build a website on it. Most websites use WordPress. Cons, it's vulnerable for attacks. It's code base is very well known to hackers and all other people who do not necessarily have good intentions when it comes to the use of your website. They can track the code for hours to find its weak spots and then create software that can harm the person whose website has been infected.
Is my website built on WordPress? We don't know that. However, we are happy to help you find out. Just contact us using form at the end of this article.

How can we help you?

You already know the risks of skipping maintenance services for your website. Now you probably wonder what can you do with it ? Well. We can help you with that. We could write essays about how much experience we have in creating and maintaining WordPress websites (not WordPress based as well). However, we think that it makes no sense because you can read about it on our website. As a brief, we can write that our experience is almost 20 years of continuous repairing of infected websites and creating new ones from scratch. Everything is based on well tested modern solutions.

Our team of experienced IT professionals, will do the following work for you:

  • Regular backup copies of your whole website, which will be uploaded to enterprise class server units in the USA or Europe.
  • We will install specialized software, which, with the help of our IT staff, will protect your website from unauthorized access and will block the possibility of installing any malicious code on your website.
  • We will perform all important updates on your website. Every major core change will be tested on our local workstations. We will also inform you about any problems if they occur.
  • We will fix any issues if they appear after plugin updates or core changes.
  • Is your site in poor condition or is already infected? Doesn’t matter. If you subscribe for our service for at least 3 months. We will clean it for you at no extra charge.
  • Is your current hosting solution expensive? Let us know. We will transfer your website to our servers for free. We can guarantee lower prices than your current hosting provider.
  • Email contact 24h/7

How much it costs?

There was supposed to be a comprehensive table in which we would list all differences and nuances between different price packages. We decided it’s a bad idea. Instead, we came up with simple, fixed price for all maintenance services. It is:

WordPress Website Maintenance Services
Stop worrying about your website. Fill out the form below, and we will contact you as soon as possible. When we receive your form, we will do a small audit of your website to make sure that we understand each other. Next step will be invoice or payment link.
It may happen that we do not include the parameters or services you expect. If that’s the case then no worries. Just contact us below, and we'll definitely come up with the solution.

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