A minimalist portfolio based on GRAV -

Almost exactly a year ago we had the pleasure of creating a beautiful minimalist portfolio in the file based system - Grav.

Tomasz Dobski Intro

Tomasz Dobski!

Tomasz Dobki is a great photographer and film producer. His works can be found on the websites of such artists as Natalia Nykiel, Sunar or Xxanaxx. He also created music videos and photo sessions of such brands as Reebok, Perła, Oriflame and Mist.

tomaszdobski stills


For the graphic side, was responsible the Agnieszka's Dajlidzionek studio. The whole project was supposed to be the embodiment of simplicity. We tried to stick to this assumption, and GRAV proved to be a hit with both the structure of the system during coding, the speed of launching site and the ease of updating the content by the administration panel.



Hundreds of photos and videos?!

We were aware that the server will need a large disk space and that the only possible solution for the page to display quickly and efficiently is the appropriate minimization of files and code, but also in this Grav proved to be extremely helpful because most of the tools we needed were found ready to use - embedded in the system.


We invite you to see this beautiful page with your own eyes: