Welding Instalation Projects

Welding Instalation Projects - assembly, modernization and renovation works

Few days ago we released our latest gig. Welding Installations Projects (WIP) asked us to redesign and refresh their site. We knew that the new site needs to fulfill goal as a professional visual showcase of the company. We also wanted to use solutions that fits the latest technologies trends, they are intuitive, clear and beautiful. Before start, we have been looking closely at the current website structure, we made a decision on the solutions we intended to use and let Agnieszka Dajlidzionek studio to do their work. We have been in contact with our client and proposed several improvements to current design.

Below is a quick overview of design process:

WIP old new

Due to the extensive page - "About the company", we really wanted it to load fast. This was necessary for the side menu, which you can see below. During designing and programming, we always try to use mobile first approach. For this reason, we decided to present the submenu of the page in the form of a sliding panel. This solution provided easy access to navigation, while not blocking the content important for the final recipient.

WIP O Firmie

WIP Mobile

The whole project is complemented with subtle animations, which are the aesthetic appeal of the website and make browsing content more pleasant.

WIP Animacja

Due to compatibility reasons, we have chosen Wordpress CMS to be the continuation of the previous CMS direction. The new website has a completely new and easy administrative structure. After logging in, instead of many cards and views, we will see a redesigned cockpit with access to all necessary subpages. All this to make editing and content management easy and enjoyable.

WIP kokpit

Feel free to visit our client webpage: